Antivirus services

According to our antivirus services we can analyse computer malware and we can test antivirus products.

Independent AV support service

Veszprog Ltd. offers a powerful service pack helping AV distributors and resellers in their work. This service is based on a high quality virus laboratory and human resources. We can analyse the working mechanism of computer malware using automatic and/or manual methods. According to the recognized properties we can provide multilanguage malware descriptions including multimedia elements.

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Testing antivirus products

Besides the quantitative and qualitative development of the parasites the protection systems have undergone changes in the last 5 years. New methods have been elaborated, with the help of which the protections are capable of a more effective activity. Obviously, this requires a better adaptation to the necessities of the time in the testing and qualification procedures.

Following the innovations of the past few years we have introduced the system of a continual, real time testing of virus protections which was supported by the Baross Gábor Program of the National Office for Research and Technology (KD_INTEG_07-FB124076) and by the Economic Development Operational Program (GOP-2.1.1-09/A-2009-1298).

After closing the testing procedures of the last 5 years we are going to publish testing and qualification summaries based on real time observations. The main difference lies in the fact that rather than observing particular versions, we will test all the versions - minimum two times a day - within one month. During the testing and qualification procedures the main principle is to comply with the requirements of AMTSO (Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization -

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